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Husband and father working in cloud ☁️ operations by day and hacking on keyboards ⌨️, Raspberry Pis :raspberrypi:, *nix-like operating sysytems :freebsd: :openbsd: :debian: :linux: by night.

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Micheal :devterm: . @micheal,

J.G. Ballard never ceases to amaze, from "Studio 5, The Stars" published in 1961, 60 years before GenAI hit the mainstream,

>In the old days a poet had to sacrifice himself in order to master his medium. Now that technical mastery is simply a question of pushing a button, selecting metre, rhyme, assonance on a dial, there‘s no need for sacrifice, no ideal to invent to make the sacrifice worthwhile—“

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Micheal :devterm: . @micheal,

The year is 2023 , and I'm now paying for a search engine.

I've been using self-hosted SearXNG proxied through a VPN on Tailscale for the last 6 months and it works well. But after trying over the past week I've really come to appreciate all its features; more accurate results, instant summaries, quick answers, and different "lenses".

May go back to SearXNG at some-point, but we'll see.

#kagi #searchengines

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Micheal :devterm: . @micheal,

Beowulf cluster we built in the basement of our house junior year of college circa 2001.

It ran MPI-POVRay, but was more about the journey than the destination.

#linux #beowulf #retrocomputing

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